Nipple - Inversion Correction Photos - Case #2239

Patient Case #2239

This 26-year-old woman suffered from inverted nipples, where her nipples sunk inward rather than protruding outward. The condition affects about 2% of all women and can be cosmetically unappealing and can prevent proper breast feeding. Fortunately, nipple surgery can be performed to surgically invert the nipples so they point outward. After searching for a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon who performed the surgery, this patient scheduled a consultation with one of the talented surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

One of the major concerns with nipple inversion surgery is the preservation of nipple sensation and of the milk duct. If the milk duct is severed or restricted in any way, it can greatly interfere with breast feeding. To help preserve the duct and sensation, this patient’s surgeon would use a duct-sparing technique. This patient should be able to breast feed following her surgery if she wanted to and she would ideally keep the sensation in both nipples.

After her surgery was completed, she was required to wear a protecting stent over each nipple for 1 to 3 days. Her stitches would dissolve in about 2 weeks, but with the special care taken during surgery, her nipples should remain in their new normal and outward position. When she was given time to recover, this patient was very pleased with the look and feel of her new nipples.

Nipple - Inversion Correction
Nipple - Inversion Correction