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About Nipple & Areola CorrectionInverted Nipples

Nipple inversion is a disfiguring condition that affects 2% of all women. The degree to which a nipple is inverted will vary from “shy” to severly retracted. Dr. Stevens and associates discuss the causes of inverted nipples and a new method for lasting correction.
About Inverted Nipples | Surgical Correction of Inverted Nipples

Reducing Enlarged Nipples

For many women, their desire for breast enhancement begins with more beautiful nipples. A simple outpatient surgery can reduce the length or diameter of one or both nipples.
Read more about reducing enlarged nipples.

Reducing Enlarged Areolas

The areola can impact the appearance of the breasts more than any other feature. Women who are self-conscious about the dimensions of their areolas can turn to surgery for a quick fix. Find out about areola reduction.

Correcting Puffy or Protuberant Areolas

“Puffy” areolas put a cone-like cap on the breasts that some people find unattractive. A simple surgery can flatten the areola and beautify the breasts. Learn about correcting puffy areolas.

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